Above: Buraka Som Sistema on Al Jazeera English
Musicians can be an incestuous lot, and that goes double for the DJ set. So I shouldn’t be surprised to find less than six degrees of separation joining many of this year’s late-night performers at the Red Marquee.
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While looking up some music to download from eMusic, I saw a pattern emerging amongst many of the DJs. At the center of this web? Diplo. Both Anglophone and Francophone representatives from our team have already given him a duly-deserved shout-out, but it’s worth mentioning that the native Floridian has collaborated with at least four of this year’s club acts: London’s Fake Blood (performing together in the UK as I write), Lisbon’s Buraka Som Sistema and two Italian duos – Crookers and Bloody Beetroots.
A few recommended EPs to prep you for the Red Marquee:
Fantastic blog, with plenty of free mixes HERE
The Blow You Head EP
(Note the creative use of Pixies lyrics on “Must be a Devil”)
Fake Blood MYSPACE
Bloody Beetroots MYSPACE
Crookers MYSPACE
The Knobbers EP
Buraka Som Systema MYSPACE
Recommended EP